Taking care of your new Hydroseeded lawn

The first 14 days are crucial to the proper development of your lawn. The establishment of the lawn is dependent on many factors such as temperature, precipitation, time of year, and most importantly whether you water it or not. All living things need water to survive!


Keep your lawn moist or damp at all times, preferably by frequent light sprinklings however if this is not possible try to soak your lawn for 30 minutes or until run-off is detected. Depending on the temperature this should be done twice a day, and if it is very dry and hot, then three times a day. This should be done early in the morning and late in the afternoon and if you are watering three times a day, around noon. This should be done every day for the first week, and then every other until your lawns first cutting. If you know that it is supposed to rain, you probably won’t have to water it that day, Use your best judgment. One way to tell if your lawn is getting enough water is to poke your finger about ½ inch into the soil, and if it is damp then it is being watered adequately, and if it is dry then you need to water more.

Don’t let your lawn dry out, because if the germinating seeds dry out, they will die!

Once your lawn is established it requires approximately one inch of water per week. The soil should be soaked through when watered. The water should at least penetrate six inches to the soil to establish and strengthen the deep roots.

Keep in mind that some areas may be in the sun longer than others, and other areas may be in the shade, so make sure that all areas are getting the right amount of water.

Temperature plays a key role in this because it takes a ground temperature of 60 degrees for germination to take place.


The lawn should be fertilized 4 weeks from the time it was done with a starter fertilizer. This is very important, fertilizer helps your lawn fill in and it gives the soil the nutrients to grow.

We are happy to provide that service for you as well. Please contact us for a free quote and let Clark Hydroseeding and Lawn Care put your new lawn on our maintenance program.

The lawn should be cut back when it reaches 2 ½ inches back to 2 inches. Mowing your lawn also helps it fill in, but don’t remove more than a 1/3 of the height of the grass plant.

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